O2's 5G Rollout Will Now Include More Than Four Cities Because That Was Always a Shit Idea

By Shabana Arif on at

O2 has finally spilled the beans on the date of its 5G rollout, which we now know is coming this October in 20 towns and cities.

The network operator initially announced its Four Corners of the UK 5G rollout back in February, that would see its 5G service go live in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London when it launched, with additional locations being added in 2020.

Seems a bit shit compared to EE and Vodafone's 5G plans, but this week, O2 announced that it would be partnering up with Vodafone to get its 5G network up and running on a faster schedule, and that seems to be paying off already with the news that October's rollout will now see O2 customers in 20 towns and cities get 5G this year, with a total of 50 planned by summer 2020.

"As we switch on our network across the country, our intelligence-led roll-out prioritises the key areas in towns and cities first - the places where our customers need, and will use, 5G the most," said Telefónica UK CEO, Mark Evans. "We’re also giving our customers maximum flexibility with our industry-leading custom plans, letting people adopt 5G at a time that’s right for them.”

Currently, O2 is offering a choice of two 5G handsets that eager beavers can order ahead of the 5G launch from August - the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Xiaomi Mix 3 5G.

Now's also a good a time as any to sign up for O2 as the operator has a bunch of offers and discounts on events over the course of the summer to keep you entertained.

At October's launch, O2 5G will be live in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Slough. By the end of 2019, Belfast, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Edinburgh, Eton, Guildford, Leeds, Leicester, Lisburn, London, Norwich, Nottingham, Reading, Slough, Stoke, and Windsor will be added to the list.

By summer 2020, an extra 30 locations will be added to the list, bringing up the total to 50. So if you're in Aberdeen, Bradford, Brighton, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Hove, Kingston, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Newcastle, Northampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Sunderland, Warrington, and Wolverhampton, expect O2 5G to reach you in around a year from now.