OnePlus is Bringing Nightscape Mode to All of the OnePlus 7 Pro's Rear Cameras

By Shabana Arif on at

OnePlus has announced that its low light Nightscape mode is coming to all of the OnePlus 7 Pro's rear cameras.

At the moment, Nightscape is limited to the main 48MP camera - and you can check out what we thought about that in our OnePlus 7 pro review - but OnePlus' product manager, Zake Zhang, has confirmed that Nightscape will soon be rolling out to the 8MP Telephoto and 16MP Ultra Wide Angle camera lenses too.

The rollout date wasn't detailed, and Zhang didn't clarify if Nightscape will be coming to the front camera, but a software update will be incoming to make the changes.

Earlier this month, OnePlus was offering prospective new customers cash incentives to switch over to its 7 series handsets, and you can still take advantage of this limited time offer. Just trade in your old phone and you can upgrade from £459.

The offer isn't just limited to the OnePlus brand either. You can trade in Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi, and Huawei handsets too. [Android Police]