Oppo Invents a Slightly Curvier Curved Screen Phone

By James O Malley on at

It turns out that "Oppo" isn't just a logo that appears on the sidelines at tennis and cricket matches, it is a company that conducts important business too.

For instance, Engadget is reporting this morning that the company has invented a phone with what it calls a "Waterfall" screen. This is completely bezel-less screen, as the screen itself curves around both left and right edges of the screen - at an 88 degree angle.

That's right, if Samsung's curved screens aren't quite curved enough for you, you could soon have another way of awkwardly having app icons and other phone paraphernalia on the sides of your screen.

At the moment, the phone is only a prototype, but does point to a future where phone innovation is ultimately futile as the devices in our hands are good enough, and that real innovation is happening elsewhere in the stack. So it's going to be slightly curvier screens from here on out - as this follows hot on the heels of rivals Vivo supposedly working on a phone that has a screen all the way around, for some reason. [Engadget]