Paddington Declared the UK's Best Train Station

By Gary Cutlack on at

For some reason hotel group Accor has decided it is its business to rank and compare train stations, as if train stations are entertainment destinations we choose to visit and enjoy time in rather than necessary, unavoidable portals we go to because that's where our trains are. The winner? Paddington. Because of? Shops.

If your idea of "the shops" is a pasty and a coffee and a Daily Mail that comes with 300g of Dairy Milk, get your suited arse off to Paddington, they say, with London's gateway to the south west hitting the sweet spot in a Venn diagram mapping and rating our 100 busiest stations for facilities, food and shopping. Oh and reliability of the actual important trains part of the deal is mentioned as an afterthought too, with Paddington also scoring "above average punctuality" – although rival city interchange Fenchurch Street came out tops there, with 86 per cent of its trains found to be running to schedule.

Anyone who's ever been to or even merely passed through London will know where the worst delays occur; Thameslink. London's City Thameslink was the worst for punctuality, with just 29 per cent of its concertinaed-together trains running to timetable. [Accor via Londonist]