Plans for London's Dick Shaped Tulip Tower Have Gone Soft

By Shabana Arif on at

Is it a butt plug? Is it a massive dick? No, it's London's Tulip Tower, and someone has had the good sense to try to quash plans for its construction.

London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has advised the City of London Corporation (CLC) to scrap plans for the shaft following its inexplicable approval back in April. The turgid tower was designed by architects Foster + Partners, who clearly appreciate a good laugh, as does the panel who voted on it, 18 to 7.

Apparently the mayor's throttling of the tower's erection has resulted in sad faces all round, with Foster + Partners and developers J Safra saying, "The Tulip Project team are disappointed by the Mayor of London's decision to direct refusal of planning permission, adding, "We will now take time to consider potential next steps for The Tulip Project."

Try making it look like something other than a huge cock and see how you get on, would be my advice. Although when you're in the business of tower-building, I imagine that gets pretty difficult to avoid after churning out so many designs. Perhaps we're destined to live in a city with a phallus-riddled skyline after all.

Reasons given for the rejection of the plans include a design that "does not represent world class architecture," which is code for "it's a big, bulbous penis." It also "lacks sufficient quality and quantity of public open space, and its social and environmental sustainability do not match the ambition of its height and impact on London's skyline". [BBC News]