Pretend Milk is Rapidly Becoming the UK's Normal Milk

By Gary Cutlack on at

The various white fluids sold under the umbrella description of "milk" are rocketing in popularity in the UK, as the nation stops diluting its teas and coffees with traditional milk-milk and instead watches some almond/rice/soya/coconut blend coagulate into lumps in their instant decaf.

It's the young people driving the change too, with research firm Mintel finding that 33 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds regularly buy an alt-milk sourced from nuts or grains instead of cows. Mintel says "health, ethics and the environment" are why the millennials are making the switch, which is nice. They're paying some attention to the news. 37 per cent of the young alternative milk drinkers said they did it for health reasons, which is also nice, as we thought young people all lived on ready-made supermarket burgers and didn't care at all about their future-selves' arterial health.

36 per cent said they made the switch because dairy farming is thought to be bad for the environment, with Mintel's Emma Clifford reckoning this spells doom for farming industries within a few decades. Clifford said: "With volume sales of cow's milk already on a downward trend, the fact that more young consumers are turning away from these products does not bode well for this segment's prospects in the long-term."

Comb the poo out of the cow's tail, Gwendoline, we're selling her now while she's still worth something. [BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash