Primark's New Birmingham Store Is so Popular That Holiday Websites Are Adding It as a Destination

By Shabana Arif on at

Ever since Primark opened its largest store in Birmingham, the shop has become quite the attraction, with a number of travel agencies cashing in on the excitement by offering excursions to the store.

The high street chain took over the five-storey Pavilions shopping centre in Birmingham and opened the door to what is now the world's biggest Primark in April, and it seems you lot just can't get enough of it.

A number of UK travel agencies that offer both international holidays and coach trips closer to home have added round-trips to the Birmingham location to their repertoire that are quickly selling out.

Bogner Regis-based firm, Woods Travel, is putting on a trip this September at £25 a pop, and it's already sold out. Scottish Thorne Travel has upped the ante with an overnight stay in the city this November, with tickets selling for £115 per person. Group director, Shona Thorne, said there has been "a genuine air of excitement has been raised over the opening of this new megastore".

CAB Executive Travel in Yorkshire has already ferried a few busloads of people down to the Midlands with more planned in the immediate future.

"We've been filling 53-seater buses - with two more in July and another in December," said managing director Carl Bruce.

So forget New York. Spend the cash you've saved on the flight on a load of Primark clothes instead.