Reality TV Shows Told to Stop Hounding Participants to Death

By Gary Cutlack on at

Media regulator Ofcom is strengthening rules covering participants in reality TV shows, and is about to ask the broadcasters to take more care to protect the "welfare and wellbeing" of the people it makes dance for fun in impractical swimwear between the advertisements.

There's a really quite wide-ranging and all-encompassing suggestion being considered for addition to the broadcasting code, one that warns: "...participants must not be caused unjustified distress or anxiety by taking part in programmes or by the broadcast of those programmes," a sentence that's likely to knock vast swathes of today's shagger-based TV content on the head. Those taking part in such programmes should also have their dignity respected by the makers, which is odd as that's always the first thing to go when agreeing to take part in ITV7's Cock Paradise.

Ofcom's Tony Close said: "These new safeguards must be effective. So we're listening carefully to programme participants, broadcasters, producers and psychologists before we finalise them." [Ofcom via Guardian]