Red Dwarf Returns to TV*

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes! Red Dwarf is... oh. Oh no. Oh smegging hell no. Red Dwarf is going to be back on TV tonight, but the format of this new, ahem, episode, is not going to be fondly recalled as one of the series' most memorable moments. Red Dwarf is back to sell terrestrial vehicle breakdown recovery services.

The AA has stumped up the money required to get the full classic cast back into a recreation of Starbug, with this big budget TV advert seeing the ship break down and strand the crew on an inhospitable planetoid. Standard characterisation events then unfold as best they can in a time-limited format.

The question is, which image is worst and most destroys the three decades of goodwill fans have built up towards the programme and its stars?

The flying AA van is pretty bad. Technically impressive, but bloody hell guys. Must you? Must you really? The ad shows for the first time tonight, on ITV, in the middle of whatever's on at 7:30pm on the boring old terrestrial scheduled broadcast service for the elderly.