Samsung Confirms We're Getting a Note 10 Plus

By Tom Pritchard on at

So we know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is on the way, and that there will be a bigger version of the phone arriving on some shape or form. The question has been whether we'll be getting a Note 10+ (which is just bigger) or a Note 10 Pro (which would be more powerful). Now Samsung has answered this question for us by throwing up a support page for the Note 10+.

The page was spotted by WinFuture's Roland Quandt, and with a 256GB base model listed it suggests that Samsung is sticking with the high-capacity storage it's been doing for the past few flagships. So it's safe to expect 512GB and 1TB models of the Note 10+.

We can also expect the phone to come in three different colours, though this information hasn't been publicly confirmed by Samsung. Aura Black and White are self explanatory, but Glow might not be...

It's safe to assume that's the fancy name given to the multi-colour design we saw earlier this month:

So what else can we expect? Recent rumours claim the Note 10+ will have a 6.8-inch screen to complement the regular Note 10's 6.3-inch offering, and both will naturally come with the upgraded S-Pen unless something has gone horribly wrong. Images also show of the phone with a hole-punch front camera, like the Galaxy S10, and a triple-camera system that's been moved across the phone since last time - so it looks more like the Huawei P20 Pro than the Galaxy Note 9 or S10. Word is it'll also support 45W fast charging and fast wireless charging, but Samsung is pulling an Apple and only has a 25W charger in the box.

Presumably we're dealing with an in-display fingerprint scanner as well, unless Samsung has opted for the side-scanner used on the Galaxy Fold. Rumours also claim it'll be the first flagship Galaxy not to have a headphone jack, and may not even have a microSD slot like the Galaxy S6.