Scotland's Sky Proudly Displays Rare Triple Rainbow

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who live in the Scottish highlands can get bit blasé about rainbows, as they pop up everywhere and once you've filled your phone up with a few hundred photos of them there's not much point in getting excited about them any more. But someone's snapped one that's apparently so rare all the weather forecasters are excited; even the Scottish ones.

This particular 'bow was submitted to the BBC Weather Watchers department, where enthusiasts gather to talk about clouds and share their boring, blurry sunset photos and suchlike in an understanding environment. But this rainbow, photographed near the staggeringly Scottish-sounding Loch Lochy, is thrilling all the weather fans and being described as a triple special thanks to including a third, smaller rainbow within the main colour band.

This is either a twinned rainbow or a supernumerary rainbow or some sort of blend of the two, and is therefore worth looking out for. The Instagram influencers of the world are landing in Inverness airport this afternoon on the hunt for it. [Weather Watchers]