Sky Mobile Announces Plans for Its 5G Rollout Later This Year

By Shabana Arif on at

Sky Mobile is jumping on the 5G bandwagon, because its customers will sack it off eventually if it doesn't, with plans to go live this November.

As announced earlier today, one of the 5G handsets being offered by the operator is the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G in Emerald Green, which looks pretty swish, and it's joined by the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G of course, which seems to be a feature of everyone's 5G launch line-up. More smartphones will be added at a later date.

Sky Mobile plans to have its 5G coverage up and running in six cities when it goes live, including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, as well as Leeds and Slough, with coverage planned for 20 towns and cities before the end of the year, and another 30 added over the course of next year. If you can manage to keep up with the complicated mathematics on display here, that's a total of 50 by the end of 2020.

"We will be the only mobile operator to be able to combine the launch of next generation superfast 5G connectivity with Sky Mobile’s unique features including Roll, Swap and Watch," said Sophia Ahmad, commercial director of Sky Mobile. Given that the mobile operator is Sky Mobile, you'd think that's a no-brainer, but no matter.

Roll lets customers on Sky Mobile plans to roll over unused data to a 'piggy bank'. Basically all of your unused data will be hoarded for you to use for a period of three years, and can be used when you need extra data, or you can cash it in for money off phones, tablets, and accessories.

You can register your interest in the company's 5G rollout on the official website.