Sleeper Train Refit Was so Terrible Staff Vote to Strike

By Gary Cutlack on at

Staff on the Caledonian Sleeper trains are usually a friendly bunch, going the extra mile to avoid making eye contact with you when you open the door in your pants for your 5:45am cup of tea – but the recent launch of its new fleet of carriages has been such a disaster that they've voted to take strike action.

A causal glimpse at the company's social media feeds reveals a constant stream of delays and overnight crises have been hitting the London-Scotland overnight service in recent weeks, and even God's raging against the trains at the moment with signalling problems caused by lightning strikes today's reason the trains are massively delayed.

And these constant delays and the angry passengers they generate at 3:46am are why they're striking. Staff and unions say workers are suffering from undue stress thanks to the launch of these new carriages, with the RMT saying the introduction of the fleet was botched by operator Serco, and explaining: "It is time for Serco to wake up and take note of the appalling working conditions their mismanagement has lumped on their staff and to take action to resolve this dispute." [BBC]