SnapChat's New Landmark Lens Primes Buckingham Palace for This Weekend's Pride Celebrations

By Shabana Arif on at

Pride month may be wrapping up but that's no reason to stop the party, as SnapChat demonstrates with its London Pride-themed Landmark Lenses.

If you're celebrating London Pride this weekend, or you just happen to pop by Buckingham Palace, you can whip out your phone and open up SnapChat to see Pride flags and Union Jacks festoon the palace while the words 'London Pride' bounce around on the roof in an explosion of confetti.

"Flags are such a recognisable symbol of unity and identity. I wanted to use the Union Jack and Pride flag together to visually show how tolerance and unity is a part of our identity," said official Lens creator, Tom Martin-Davies.

"I think it makes you consider your identity and the history of our culture as an inclusive city, hopefully helping remind everyone we are all human and united."

If you want to peruse more Pride content on SnapChat, just head to the Discover page for a range of Our Stories "that both celebrate the Pride experience and dig deeper into LGBTQ identity and culture, all aiming to empower and educate Snapchatters around the world."