Snow Patrol's Audio Magnolia Tops 21st Century's Most-Played Chart

By Gary Cutlack on at

Music licensing specialist PPL has revealed who's had the biggest airplay royalty cheques this century, and the winner is whoever wrote the songs for Snow Patrol -- as the band's slowjam plodder Chasing Cars has received the largest number of plays from the UK's radio and TV broadcasters over the last 19 years.

If you have no recollection of it and had already given up listening to new music by 2006, the year it came out and ingloriously hit #6 in the UK singles charts, here it is:

I've just listened to it and have already forgotten it again. It slides out of your mind like a mundane dream. It sounds like the royalty-free music they put on feelgood viral videos where a baby has glasses put on it for the first time, or a woman gets a new hearing aid, or is it the music they play in the cinema when everyone's still coming in?

The second and third most played songs of this in-progress century were I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas and Happy by Pharrell Williams, which are more memorable but also more irritating, so maybe it's best that some funereal background ballad is the most played track across our live media broadcasters after all.

But what should it have been? What's the best song since the year 2000 that deserves to be played all the time to more accurately represent the nation's ebb and flow of the past 19 years? [PPL via Guardian]