Some More Amazon Prime Day Deals That May, or May Not, be Totally Relevant to You

By Tom Pritchard on at

So today is Prime Day, and if you're interested in getting yourself a deal you've probably taken a look at our main deals post - complete with all our best picks on gadgets and other technology. Well there are plenty more deals where that came from, some of them techy and some of them not. They're no less important, and we figured we might as well point out a few good ones. Because we all need these things, and we might as well save some money in the process.

There's nothing better than having a good night's sleep, and you can't do that on a crap mattress. I swear you'd be better off sleeping on the ground than with some of the rubbish things out there. So make sure to check out the following deals from different mattress companies:

If you listen to your Mum there's also nothing better than a proper set of kitchenware. Because the cheap stuff just does not do things properly or last as long – or so I've heard on Reddit. With that in mind I shall pass on this wisdom to you, with a list of deals on kitchenware.

If you're lucky enough to have a garden you probably have some grass, and if that grass is anything like mine it'll need a lot of maintenance. So make sure you have a decent lawnmower to roll out there while praying it doesn't start raining.

You can't just maintain your garden and let your house go to shit, so it's worth buying up some stuff to keep that clean. The laziest option is to buy a robot vacuum that can roam around by itself,  so they can map the area for use during the inevitable robot uprising of 2023. You know, the day Elon Musk reveals himself to be a Terminator from the future sent back to stir up trouble on Twitter for no apparent reason. So make sure to check out the robo vacuum deals going on for Prime Day.

Of course if you're not into robots, or you don't have the money for autonomous cleaning that's never good enough to keep your Nan happy, there are deals on actual vacuum cleaners that might be able to do a better job. The only compromise is you have to make some effort to get the process going, which might be a bit much for some people.

And of course there's the DIY you might want to do when August bank holiday rolls around, assuming you're not planning on going to some sort of festival. And you can't do the DIY without the tools:

Now it may not be as hot as last year, but it's still pretty toasty out there. So you'll need some stuff to keep cool, or at least the right temperature, and the simplest way to do that is with some sort of air cooling device. Some of which are on sale today as well:

If you'd rather be out enjoying the weather, and you have one of those aforementioned gardens, there are also some options for you. Like a hot tub, which doesn't necessarily have to be heated up, making it a fancy type of bath you take outside. It's better than sitting in watching the summer sports and roasting alive.

If bathing outside isn't for you, then there's also the furniture side of things. Being Gizmodo UK we have to suggest going for a hammock, but if you prefer the traditional approach there are some lovely Prime Day discounts on chairs and stuff as well.

You'll probably want to spend your outdoor time drinking too, so make sure to check out the boozy deals - unless you're an alcoholic, in which case you should not. Drink a coke or something.

But now you're outside you notice there's an awful lot of crap in the garden. And you don't want to leave all your nice new furniture out to suffer the elements. Meaning you should probably invest in some garden storage. That's how they get you, you see, draw you in with the promise of a nice lazy hammock, and then BAM you need to to buy all this:

What else is there... Oh, if you had the plan to get fit, but can't seem to motivate yourself to go to the gym often enough, maybe it's worth investing in your own fitness equipment. It's more expensive that paying several pounds a month for access to a big room of them, but you can't put a price on proper motivation now can you?

And there are plenty more life essentials to choose from over in the Prime Day sales, including plenty of areas Amazon has been muscling its way into. Did you know they did suitcases now? Well they do, and there are many different kinds of those on sale - Amazon-made or not. And don't forget the things we only ever need on rare occasions, but turn out to be invaluable when they're needed:

Finally of course you can always find something you need with Amazon's Basics range. Whether it's cookware, a suitcase, or just another cable to add to that big box you have, it's well worth checking out to see what you can get: