Steven Universe: The Movie's First Trailer Is Here to Save San Diego Comic-Con

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

It’s been months since we last saw Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems as they did what Pink Diamond couldn’t and convinced the Homeworld Diamonds not to the Earth. Now, though, the Gems are back in the first trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie, and things...well, they’ve changed.

After years of looking like he very well could have been a small child, Steven Universe is finally beginning to look a little more like the teenager he is in part because the movie is set in two years after the events of the last Stevenbomb. Steven’s got a brand-new neck and a brand-new look and a rather new role amongst the Crystal Gems in a world that’s been changed by the introduction of Gemkind.

In the meantime, the panel also debuted a brand new song from Estelle and Zach Ellison that will be in the movie, “True Kinda Love”, which is now available for streaming on Spotify. You should listen, because it’s a goddamn jam, yo.

Steven Universe: The Movie premieres September 2nd.