The Asus ROG 2 Gaming Phone Gets a Launch Date

By Shabana Arif on at

The Asus ROG 2 gaming phone is launching on July 23 according to Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The ROG 2 sees Asus partner with Tencent to create a device that's optimised to run Tencent's titles, like PUBG Mobile, and the company also has a stake in a number of large studios in the west, like Fortnite developer Epic Games, and League of Legends' Riot Games.

We loved the first Asus ROG, and the second one will reportedly feature a 120Hz screen rather that 90Hz, making it a contender to Razer's series of gaming smartphones.

That's about it for the specs we know about so far, but the reveal is only a few weeks away, so we may see more leaks slip through the cracks as we get closer to launch. [TechRadar]