The Clangers are Getting a Doctor Who-Themed Makeover

By Tom Pritchard on at

When was the last time anyone heard anything from The Clangers? Apparently they're still on TV, albeit on CBeebies where nobody over the age of four really pays any attention to what's going on. But they will be popping up in the news again, because the pink moon aliens are getting a bit of a Doctor Who-themed makeover. No there's no spin-off coming, but the Clangers are going to be playing dress up as their favourite Doctors.

It's actually been 50 years since The Clangers first debuted on British TV screens, and it's those celebrations that led to the franchise-mish-mash merchandise dubbed 'DoppelClangers'. Really we have to be impressed on the pun alone, let alone dressing Major Clanger up as the Fourth Doctor.

There's only Fourth Doctor-themed stuff available right now, but it's been confirmed that the series will continue with the other seven original Doctors to ensure "true cross-generational appeal". In other words to appeal to the people who might have watched the original versions of both series when they aired.

Nothing beyond that has been announced, but it seems likely the newer Doctors will be popping up at some point. Likewise other pop-culture icons will be getting the Clanger treatment too, though no names have been mentioned.

Sadly there don't seem to be any cuddly toy DoppelClangers, which feels like a missed opportunity, and it's just been confirmed that there are currently no plans for them. But if the Clangers people realise there's demand for proper pink moon aliens dressed as Time Lords, they may reconsider. And I hope they do. In any case you can head online and buy the first wave of DoppelClanger stuff right now, including bags, t-shirts, mugs, and more.