The First Teaser for the Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff is as Inscrutable as Everything Else About the Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff

By James Whitbrook on at

To be fair to AMC, I guess it is understandable that a show we don’t even have a name for yet gives us a first glimpse at its world that is... entirely devoid of much in the way of context or information.

The network has just dropped a teaser for the third entry in what has become a world of Walking Dead television shows. The series, which is being showrun by Scott M. Gimple and Walking Dead writer Matt Negrete, follows a group of young people in Walking Dead’s undead apocalypse who’ve managed to eke out a life of safety cut off from the horror around them – only to be faced with confronting that horror when they decide to venture out of their isolation.

That’s... pretty much everything we know about the series, beyond some casting and now this bizarre promo.

It flits between the show’s young stars (Nicolas Cantu, Aliyah Royale, Hal Cumpston, and Alexa Mansour) explaining the premise in-character, to flashes of concept art, to the stars then discussing their perspectives on it as actors in such a way that it essentially a lot being said without actually saying much at all.

There will be kids. There will be zombies. That’s...about all you really need to know, in the end. Oh, and some of them will likely die horribly.

Me? I’m just holding out hope that this isn’t a Fear situation and we don’t have a second “Something The Walking Dead” situation that makes writing about all these shows much more infuriating than it should be. Untitled the Walking Dead starts in spring next year.