The Lego Ideas Treehouse Arrives Tomorrow, Costs £180

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in October Lego announced two new sets would be arriving from the Lego Ideas range: The Flintstones house and a more original Lego treehouse. The Flintstones was released earlier this year, but the treehouse was mysteriously absent until a few weeks ago  when it popped up in some strange places. Now we've got official news that it will be hitting Lego stores tomorrow.

Weirdly this set first popped up  a few weeks ago when it was spotted in a Texas Legoland Discovery centre, and then went on sale at San Diego Comic Con with zero fanfare - only for Lego to pull it from sale shortly afterwards. But now it's all official and arrives tomorrow (24th July), though it'll be exclusive to Lego VIP members until 1st August.

The set costs £180, features 3,036 pieces, and measures 37cm tall, 27cm wide, and 24cm deep. So it's a pretty hefty set, even if it does look a bit smaller and simpler than the design original submitted to the Ideas website. What makes this set really interesting is that there are over 180 of Lego's new botanical elements made from plant-based plastic. It's a small number, sure, but it's better than nothing, and it's good to see Lego actually rolling them out into the big sets and not just handing out boxes of the bits as a free gift.


The canopy itself is extra interesting too, because it's interchangeable. The standard box art features green foliage, but you can swap out the green leaves for the golden Autumn colours that should match the changing seasons. There's nothing in the press release about Spring or Winter, but no doubt the many MOC-builders will come up with something pretty quickly.

The set will be exclusive to Lego stores and the company's own online shop, as is the way with most big Ideas sets. Obviously if you don't have a VIP membership you'll have to wait a few days longer, but really there's nothing stopping you from signing up right now to get it sooner.