The UK is the Most Popular Destination for Telephone Fraud

By Gary Cutlack on at

15 per cent of all of the world's scam phone call attempts terminate at our stupid heads and smart phones here in the UK, as global scammers think we're the nation most likely to hand out our debit card details to someone pretending to be phoning from Microsoft with important safety news about our computers, or at least accidentally return a missed call to an exorbitantly-priced premium number.

This news is coming from people from BICS who sell a telecoms product called FraudGuard, so it's in their best interests to whip up concern. They say 25 million fraudulent call attempts were placed to UK numbers in 2018, giving us the dubious honour of being the only G20 country to sit in the fraud call top ten chart.

The UK is seen as an easy target due to the way phone numbers and calling systems are regulated, BICS says, which make it comparatively easy for scammers to purchase 070 numbers that can terminate at premium-rate destinations, making mass spam-call campaigns that charge for return calls or SMS messages feasible and profitable.

BICS' fraud prevention leader Katia Gonzalez said: "The UK is a long-suffering target of telecoms fraud, both in terms of its phone numbers being used to collect fraudulent traffic and its subscribers being targeted. Fortunately, tools are available to make its detection and prevention easier for mobile operators, allowing parties to work together against the fraudsters to protect bottom lines." [BICS via Techradar]