The World's Fourth Largest Wind Farm Opens in Scotland Today

By James O Malley on at

Exciting news for Scotland as they've found a way to use the North Sea for good, rather than for extracting fossil fuels: they've built a massive wind farm in it. Just off the coast of Wick in the Moray Firth, is the new Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm, which is made up of 84 turbines and now completed, and today is the grand opening.

According to Insider, the project cost £2.65bn and is capable of powering 450,000 homes. Each turbine is 188m tall - taller than the London Eye, and has been installed in water that is 56m deep.

Amusingly, Insider quotes Claire Mack, the Chief Exec of industry lobbyists Scottish Renewables as saying that "Scotland has a quarter of Europe's offshore wind resource and Beatrice represents one of the first steps in tapping it", in order words, Scotland's miserable weather makes it a great place to put a wind farm.

To celebrate completion of the wind farm, Prince Charles will be the dignitary cutting the ribbon later today - which feels appropriate, given how he's a windbag himself. Though today is more of a formality than an actual switch on: The first turbines were exporting power to the grid way back in July last year, and the final turbine was switched on back in May. But hey, they deserve a party. [Insider]