There's a Subscription Service For Everything Now, Even Phone Cases

By Tom Pritchard on at

We are well and truly in the age of the subscription now, with subscriptions on the way for just about everything. TV, music, games, groceries, pointless plastic tat, Lego bricks, you name it. Because why bother paying for anything individual when you can sign up for a service that will grant you unlimited access, or send you something new every month? The latest one to cross our paths is a subscription services for phone cases that does the latter.

According to Casely the latest fashionable trend is "matching your phone case to the season", which as you may have guessed is an Instagram thing. Apparently the influences have been snapping photos of their phones sporting cases that match their outfits, and Casely's goal is to make it "more affordable" because everyone changes their case every four and a halfish weeks for no good reason.

It costs $25 a month for us in the UK ($15 + $10 international shipping) which converts to about £20 under today's awful exchange rate. Of course if you're not into buying a new case every month Casely offers a 'seasonal' option that sends out a new case every three months for the same $25 a pop.

£20 a go seems like a lot really, especially since I bought my last case for £12 and have been using it for a lot more than a month. Casely claims the cases are 'military-grade' which generally costs more because you get more protection. So you're actually getting a bargain! Assuming you're interested in changing your case to a new design on a regular basis.

As cynical as I might want to be, it's obvious this is not a service for normal people. People who buy a case and stick to it until they either swap phones or it breaks beyond repair. The same people that wear the same clothes until they're literally unusable, I imagine. If you're one to be constantly changing your personal style you probably don't want to be carrying around the same old phone case for two years, and this sort of thing might be appealing.

Though I admittedly can't really understand that mindset for myself, the seasonal option seems a lot more sensible and a lot less wasteful - especially since Casely lets you choose the case you get sent. And if nothing takes your fancy it does let you skip a month.

If this appeals to you then you can check it out here. Sadly only iPhones are included right now, though there are cases available for every model going back to the iPhone 6S. Except the SE for some reason. Samsung cases are also coming, but won't arrive until August. Anyone using other phones are basically out of luck until them, and it serves you right for not buying the exact same phones as everyone else. Same goes for anyone rocking an iPhone 5S or older.