This Time Next Year We'll Be in a Crowd-Funded Three-Wheeler EV, Rodney

By Gary Cutlack on at

Electric car fans around the world are racing to back the latest quirky EV, say the makers of the Nobe 100, and that must be true as the crowd-funding campaign is currently sitting on a target of £64.

The Nobe 100 spec sheet is full of boasts about its recyclability and renewability, with the fact that it only has three wheels pitched as a quirky retro design feature that saves weight while delivering a maximum potential top speed of 130kmph, or 80mph. And having three wheels isn't even the most bonkers thing about the plans for the car either, as there's going to be an additional "suitcase battery" to swap out and plug in for additional range, swappable exterior panels for when you get bored of its factory colours, and even upgradeable motors for buying more power when future you needs more torque at the roundabouts or to escape gangs of youths trying to overturn your ride.

The maker says the bonkers classic stylings of the Nobe 100 create a "traffic stopping, head turning smile-maker" of a vehicle, although crowd-funding platform Indiegogo is ruining this dream somewhat by warning atop the page that the company has "not yet produced a working demo" – despite Nobe getting a shell out to the Geneva motor show earlier this year, making a trailer of a physical model driving and indeed turning heads, and... making models wear t-shirts that say NOBE on them. Those t-shirts cost £48 and that's apparently a discount. [Indiegogo]