Thousands of Supermarket Chickens Killed by UK Heatwave

By Gary Cutlack on at

Thousands of chickens destined for the UK supermarkets died during last week's heatwave, as Tesco and Sainsbury's supplier Moy Park managed to let temperatures inside one of its poultry breeding facilities rise to deadly levels.

Distressing scenes of piles upon piles of dead birds have been photographed by local paper the Lincolnite, with the paper speaking to a member of staff who said: "We tried to do everything but there was nothing more we could do. The freak weather has done this to them, please don't turn this into anything bad."

Unfortunately it is something bad. Moy Park is attempting to perform the poultry equivalent of shutting the stable door once the horse has run off, and said: "We are working closely with our farming partners to monitor the situation and have implemented procedures to help protect our birds against the extreme heat."

Although such procedures may best have been put in place before they all died and had to be heaped up dead outside the corrugated meat factory given the evocative name of Moor Barn Farm. [Lincolnite via Metro]