Three Won't be Increasing its Prices for Anyone Who Wants 5G

By Tom Pritchard on at

All the big networks have been throwing us information about their 5G plans, especially EE and Vodafone which already have active networks in some parts of the country. The thing is that 5G is quite pricey, and if you want in both those networks are making you sign up for a new device on a contract that costs quite a bit. But not Three. It's offering 5G to everyone, and at no extra cost

The network's 5G plans will be available to new and existing customers on all plans - including phone packages, SIM only deals, and PAYG. In other words everyone gets 5G at no extra cost, regardless of how they pay, just as long as they have a 5G-ready phone and live in the right place. You may remember that Three did this for 4G as well, and that clearly must have worked out well.

Key to this, though, is that 5G will definitely be available on plans with unlimited data (prices start at £22 for this) and the network won't be doing any sneaky speed caps. The whole point being that Three wants people to "fully enjoy the capabilities of 5G". I doubt any of the others have speed caps, but it's nice to be told that without any prompting. They all need to offer unlimited data, though, and both EE and O2 will need to follow in Vodafone's footsteps to copy what Three has been doing for years.

Three also claims that it will be the only network to offer a 'true' 5G experience because of its "100MHz of continuous spectrum".

Anyone who wants to enjoy Three 5G will be able to adjust their plan as soon as its available in their area, and the network has already announced 25 locations set to receive it before the end of the year. Sadly only London will get to enjoy it when the network launches 5G next month. Three also promised that 80% of its existing network traffic will have 5G within the next three years.