TikTok Could Pay up to £18M in Fines for Not Thinking of the Children

By Shabana Arif on at

TikTok is under fire once more for not doing enough to protect its teen user base from potential perverts.

App creator Bytedance was fined by the FTC earlier this year to the tune of £4.3 million for illegally collecting data from users under the age of 13 - something that requires parental consent, and which TikTok didn't have.

The app is now under investigation here in the UK for potentially violating the EU's GDPR rules, that came into effect in May.

"We are looking at the transparency tools for children," said UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham to a parliamentary committee this week. "We're looking at the messaging system, which is completely open, we're looking at the kind of videos that are collected and shared by children online. We do have an active investigation into TikTok right now, so watch this space."

If TikTok is found to be in violation of the EU regulations they could be coughing up almost £18 million in fines, or up to four per cent of its revenue.

TikTok isn't faring very well when it comes to protecting user data, or children, and was one of a number of apps that have been used in child grooming cases, although it was nowhere near as prevalent as the slew of Facebook owned platforms.

In other TikTok related news that might actually bring money in for the developer, Bytedance is reportedly working on a music streaming app to rival Spotify, as well as launching its Spotlight programme to exploit support up-and-coming independent artists in Japan and Korea. [Engadget]