Toy Transport Police Apprehend Model Railway Vandals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Market Deeping Model Railway Club is still in the process of getting toy cranes to pull broken miniature carriages from smashed replica railway sidings as men make quiet and sad chuffing noises to themselves, but there is at least some good news coming from local police – four of those "youths" we hear so much about have been charged with the grim assault on the hobbyists' work.

Due to the ages of those involved – three 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old – they're being saved from a national shaming and are not being named by authorities, so if you want to know who they are best get down to Market Deeping and make inquiries in the local pub or outside the school gates. Also, the youngsters are only being hauled up in front of Lincoln Youth Court this August to answer for their crimes, so will probably evade jail and may only end up maybe having their smartphone use limited for a fortnight or some other modern form of punishment, like being made to watch a documentary or the news.

And although it's not much help to the modern railway enthusiasts who had decades' worth of modelling work destroyed, the crowd-funding campaign to cover repairs and rebuilds eventually hit a staggering total of £107,947, money that the MDMRC will use to ensure that the fictional stop of Woodcroft and its surrounding infrastructure shall rise again. And it plans to spend some of the cash on local engagement meets, teaching the youth that nice little hobbies are nothing to be scared of and that maybe one day they'll be old too and will want an excuse to get out and away from the telly. [BBC]