Trump's Trade War Stops Google And Huawei Teaming Up On Smart Speaker

By James O Malley on at

Say what you will about Donald Trump and his insane trade war with China, but it does appear to have had one good outcome: it has forced Google and Huawei to suspend working on a smart speaker together.

Yep, TechCrunch reports that Google - that company best known for knowing everything about us - and Huawei, a company that allegedly has links to the Chinese government - were working on a speaker that they wanted us to put in our homes. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately for the companies, when Huawei was put on the trade blacklist by Trump, which restricted American companies from working with it, it also made the relationship impossible. Not much is known about what the final product would have been or how it would have worked - but it was expected to debut at the IFA trade show in Berlin in September.

This isn't the end of Huawei's misery, however. The trade war is still causing the company bigger problems: It is restricted from using Android in future devices, and there has been some speculation that it is even unable to use chips designed by ARM, which are fundamental to every single smartphone on Earth today. [TechCrunch]