Virgin Media Promises Gigabit Internet for all Subs by 2021

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media is prepping a massive nationwide upgrade to its core systems, one that'll see all of its fixed-line cable network subscribers given the potential to hit the gigabit internet connection speed milestone. That will be a speedtest result worth sharing.

The fun starts this year for subscribers in testbed Southampton, where a trial update of its Docsis connection management software -- running on an all-new router -- has already unleashed the additional speed for some. This should spread to cover "more than a million people" by the end of this year, with the full switch on/over being made for everyone connected via Virgin's cable ISP before the end of 2021.

Being a software upgrade means no new cabling is required, but also that this is running using predominantly copper coverage for the tricky last mile into our willing homes. Despite this, the ISP says that the 3.1 version of its Docsis system can theoretically support multiple gigabit speeds too, keeping the maximum speeds rising for the big-spending subscribers throughout the next decade. [Virgin Media]