Vodafone Is Giving Away a Free Amazon Echo Plus With Its Home Broadband Together Plan

By Shabana Arif on at

Vodafone continues to show off its range of 5G deals and bargains with a free Alexa for home broadband customers.

The company launched its 5G network last week with unlimited business and regular people plans.

For £43 a month, you can nab yourself unlimited mobile data, home broadband, and a free Amazon Echo Plus that you can use to make and receive phone calls on, as we saw last month in the initial announcement where you can read more about the fancy features.

To get the free Echo, just sign up for Vodafone's home broadband Superfast 1 or Superfast 2 plans between July 10 and August 14.

Vodafone is also offering Red plans from July 10, touted as "simple" plans that "support 5G at no extra cost" that include unlimited voice minutes and more generous data allowances. You can check out the finer details below.

  • Red 1 - 1GB, £11
  • Red 2 - 5GB, £15
  • Red 3 - 20GB, £20

There are no speed restrictions, and as with Vodafone's Unlimited and Unlimited Lite plans, Red plans also include roaming in 48 destinations as standard.

Vodafone is currently offering three 5G devices: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and Samsung S10 5G smartphones, and the 5G GigaCube portable router.