Vodafone's 30-Day Service Guarantee Has Been Halved Because No-one Was Using It

By Shabana Arif on at

After giving customers a rather generous month to reconsider their commitment to Vodafone, the network provider has cut it down to the statutory minimum cooling-off period of just two weeks.

The company's reasoning is somewhat understandable and it's still within the realms of the law, but by keeping it on the down low, it's just tainted the move with a sour taste. It's been in effect since last month and the website has been updated to reflect the new changes.

"Customers can cancel their service with us within 14 days of signing up if they are not completely satisfied,” said a Vodafone spokesperson.

"Last year, the vast majority of customers who used our service guarantee did so within the first 14 days. We also saw a drop in the number of customers leaving us during this period. This reflects the £2 billion investment we have made in the last few years.”

Humble brag aside, it's not clear if offering a longer period of time for customers to change their mind costs the company anything in general, and if those extra two weeks aren't seeing much action, again it begs the question as to why you'd need to get rid of them, by 14 days is still plenty of time to decide if you don't like something.

Vodafone launched its 5G network this month, which went live in seven cities, and added an additional eight locations this week. [Trusted Reviews]