Vueling, Thomas Cook, and Wizz Air Named the Worst Airlines for Delays

By Shabana Arif on at

After looking at data analysis of departure delays in UK airports, the PA news agency has rounded up the worst offenders, calling out Spanish airline Vueling as the most egregious with delays averaging half an hour.

Vueling is none too happy about being awarded the title, and blames strikes in France as the source of its troubles.

"During these strikes, Vueling flights to and from Barcelona and the UK could not fly straight across France but instead flew south of the Pyrenees and into the Atlantic, before looping back towards Britain," explained a spokesman. "The location of Vueling's [Barcelona] hub close to Marseille means it has been particularly badly affected."

Thomas Cook came in a close second, with delays of 24 minutes, followed by Wizz Air with 23 minute delays, but they neglected to offer any excuses, so we assume they're just plain tardy. Norwegian Air UK and Eurowings rounded out the top five, with an average delay of 22 minutes.

Over 40 airlines running services from UK airports were included in the research, and the average delay on w whole was 16 minutes.

Chief executive of Airlines UK, the trade body for UK registered airlines, has blamed "antiquated airspace" for these delays, adding, "We support government in its efforts to introduce much-needed modernisation so we can continue to safely and effectively accommodate the ever rising demand for air travel." [BBC News]

Featured image: Unsplash