War on Plastic Turns to Little Bottles of Hotel Shampoo

By Gary Cutlack on at

The owner of the Holiday Inn chain of hotels has decided to mildly inconvenience itself and its guests by removing one commonplace form of single-use plastic: the beloved miniature hotel shower gel bottle, the little shampoo bottle, and the tiny portion of conditioner provided in posher premises. They're to go, replaced by refillable dispensers that could themselves disappear in a distant future when we've been reeducated into bringing our own soap with us on holiday.

The InterContinental Hotels Group also owns Crowne Plaza and is responsible for 843,000 rooms and their associated en suite bathrooms of various states of modernisation, and believes this is the sort of difference-making effort that could... make... a difference. IHG chief exec Keith Barr said: "We collectively as an industry have to lead where governments are not necessarily giving the leadership to make a difference. Five years ago it was a tick the box exercise. Today it's follow-up meetings going through in detail what we are doing about our carbon footprint."

Not just meetings, but follow-ups to make sure people have done what they said they would. Keith is serious about this, and has no doubt instructed his wife to go Imperial Leather at home too and to hell with the fancy dispensers and their antibacterial credentials. [BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash