Water Park Closes After Making Everyone Vomit

By Gary Cutlack on at

A water park in Leicestershire has been shut down while Public Health England investigates an outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting experienced by visitors, with parents reporting their children being "violently sick" after larking about in the resort's half-acre of wet and wild fun last week.

Days earlier it was noticed that this was no mere one-off attack of the puking, with park visitors claiming areas of the facility looked fairly disgusting and reporting en masse that children were feeling sick and needing emergency rehydration after doing more poos than is normal even for children.

No one's braving legal action by declaring the park solely responsible for the outbreak just yet, but the outpouring of complaints from parents on its besieged Facebook page make it reasonably clear that whoever was responsible for dousing the facility in bleach perhaps forgot or skipped a few spots, and what with the hot weather and everything the bacteria swarmed and multiplied and had a field day. [Twinlakes via BBC]