Wireless EV Charging Attempted in a Few South East Streets

By Gary Cutlack on at

Slices of government money are being handed out to further enthuse a subset of men about electric cars, with this latest funding round helping two new charging systems to launch trials of their technology in the suburbs.

Most interesting and viable of the lot seems to be the wireless charging system pushed by Char.gy, which'll see its £2.3m share of the innovation fund go towards refitting EVs with inductive charging pads so they can power up from chargers embedded beneath parking spaces. The company's boss Richard Stobart said: "...we are excited to show that our ability to retrofit to existing electric vehicles and enable several parking bays per lamp column without the need for cables will accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles."

The Department for Transport is also backing the "pop up" kerbside chargers as conceptualised by Urban Foresight (pictured above), which is getting £3m to try its next-gen trip-free Urban Electric hubs in the residential streets of Dundee and Plymouth, for the shared use of EV owners without their own private spaces and driveways. [GOV via BBC]