You Can Now Waste Your Lego VIP Points on a 7 Day Xbox Game Pass

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently Lego overhauled its VIP rewards programme, changing the way points are accumulated and how they can be spent. Simply put, you can now redeem your points against certain rewards, rather than only being able to claim a discount on future purchases. Those rewards include discounts, exclusive sets and gifts, plus a bunch of other stuff. Stuff that now includes a seven day Xbox Game Pass.

As you all may know Game Pass is Xbox's subscription that grants you unlimited access to a library of games without having to buy them first - assuming you keep your subscription active. It costs £7.99 a month normally, though you can usually get discounts if you shop around and buy several months in one go. Also it's probably going to be replaced by Game Pass ultimate soon, since that also includes Xbox Live Gold for a total of £11 a month. In other words it's not that expensive, and Microsoft always has ways of trying to get people involved. Apparently that includes offering week-long passes to Lego VIPs, regardless of how uneconomical that sounds.

According to Lego's conversion table, one British pound spent is worth eight VIP points, meaning you'll need to spend £62.50 to get enough points to purchase the 7-day game pass. 800 points is worth £5 off Lego orders, meaning 160 points is the equivalent to £1. By those calculations the seven day pass is effectively costing you £3.12, ignoring the fact you had to spend money to get to that stage in the first place. So £12.48 gets you just under a month of access, at which point you probably should have just purchased the standard Game Pass subscription at full price.

Personally I'd much rather save my points for some sort of gift, or get some money off the large amounts of Lego I like to buy. But if you want to spend your points on a Game Pass subscription, you can. Just remember that it's not very economical, even if you're just taking it for a spin to see if it's worthwhile.