2018 Was a Barren Year for 2p and 1p Coins

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK Treasury has revealed that it didn't ask the Royal Mint to make any new 2p or 1p coins last year, as the country is apparently full of them. Perhaps we're taking better care of the pennies nowadays instead of chucking them in fountains to imagine things may become better.

2018 was the first year since 1984 that no new tuppences were minted, and the first since 1972 that the Mint wasn't asked to produce replacement pennies. The lack of 2018-branded copper* does not mean a cancellation of the small value coins is back on the cards, though, as the Mint didn't produce any £2 coins last year either, and no one's suggesting they're for the chop.

The Treasury explained the piggy and actual banks are full enough, saying: "We didn't ask the mint to issue any £2 or 1p/2p coins this past year because there are already enough of these in circulation. Our coins are of the highest quality and the amount we ask the Royal Mint to produce every year depends on demand from banks and Post Offices." [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash