80 Per Cent of the UK Still Lacks Full 4G Coverage

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something we already know is being told to us by consumer champ Which?, with the flag-waver bearing the obvious news and retelling the classic fable about the UK not being covered by a high-spec 4G web of infinite connectivity.

Which? broke down its mobile connectivity survey by UK parliamentary constituency, so its opinions of the 4G network cover people living in both urban and rural areas, and found that it isn't just modern life in The Countryside that's hampered by crap signals; although obviously rural Scotland and Wales came off worst, because it'll never be financially viable to mast-up some of those one-farmhouse shitholes.

524 of the UK's 650 parliamentary constituencies don't have complete 4G coverage from all four operators to choose from, and that's the source of the outrage. "Wales fared even worse" is a sentence you'd entirely expect to appear in the report, with only the Cardiff Central constituency having four 4G operators for subscribers to choose from when agreeing to a 24-month phone loan.

Which? says the only answer is for Ofcom or the government or the mobile networks themselves to agree to and/or force through a network-sharing and joint building initiative, which would patch coverage in areas only linked into the matrix by one mast from one operator. [Which? via Techradar]