Aldi Braces for Spider Season With a 'Humane' Spider Catching Doohicky

By Tom Pritchard on at

This time of year is every arachnophobic's worst nightmare, because we're getting close to the start of spider mating season. For those of you who don't know, spider season is when all the male spiders end up getting absurdly horny and start roaming around your house looking for lady spiders to bang. So instead of hiding away out of sight, they're just wandering around on the floor and scaring the shit out of anyone who comes across them. Thankfully Aldi's upcoming special buy has a tool for dealing with that.

If you're like me, the go-to response to giant spiders roaming around the house is the vacuum cleaner. But not everyone is that willing to kill living things, or wake up their neighbours with noise, and sometimes a cup and piece of paper just doesn't cut it. Which is why these catching implements exist, letting you scoop up a spider from a distance without harming it. Then you can plonk it wherever you like, which is presumably out of the nearest window.

Obviously this is not a new device, and these spider catchers can be bought all over the place for varying price points - some of them even have suction tools to help you collect the eight-legged menaces with minimal fuss. Aldi's is a simple trigger mechanism that traps the spider inside a collection of bristles, so all you have to do is pull to catch then let go to release. Just make sure you have a tight grip, because you don't want a terrified spider getting loose and scuttling under your sofa in the middle of the night. But like many Aldi special buys, it's the perfect seasonal purchase, and it's not too expensive to boot. Something to think about next time you need to pick up a carton of milk and a chainsaw.

The Spider Catcher costs £7.99 and can be purchased online now, but will also be heading into Aldi branches across the country from Sunday (25th).