Aldi is Rolling out Cheese-Stuffed Sausages Next Week Honouring the Great Red Leicester

By Shabana Arif on at

Meat and cheese - the most sacred of food combos - is coming to your barbecue this summer, and my mouth is already watering.

Aldi's cheese-filled sausages will be stuffed with one of my favourite easy-eating cheeses, Red Leicester, and you can buy packets of six for just £1.89 as of next Thursday, August 15.

The sausages will be launching alongside three limited edition items, including Salt & Chili Belly Slices, Louisiana Pork Riblets, and 28-Day thick Cut Sirloin Steak which will set you cost £2.79, £1.89, and £3.99 respectively.

Aldi can't get enough of flashing us a bit of fresh sausage every now and then, bringing back its famous foot-longs for Father's Day back in March.

It's not all meat and cheese though. The supermarket rolled out vegan sausage rolls in May, as well as a couple of veggie friendly burgers, so we can all come together for a nice family gathering and judge what everyone else is eating, because obviously we're all just dying to hear what you think about meat/ veganism. [Metro]