All the Best Network Deals for Buying the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, and Note 10+ 5G in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

So the Galaxy Note 10 has been announced as is available for pre-order right now. If you fancied getting yourself the phone you might be interested to see how much it costs. Well we've dug through all the networks to see what sort of deals are available for you to enjoy.

All deals are 24 months and come with unlimited calls and texts unless otherwise stated. We're also ignoring trade-in deals offered by networks, because they rely on you having a very specific phone that still works.


Obviously Samsung is not a network, but it is the most obviously place to take a look if you plan on buying the phone SIM free. Especially since it offers instalment plans that let you pay off the phone month by month. That way you don't have to pay everything up front, nor do you have to lock yourself into a 24-36 month phone contract in the process.

The regular note 10 is currently going for £869 in Aura Glow and Black, while the Note 10+ is £999 in the same colours. Both phones have 256GB of storage, and there are no other storage options available to you out of the box. The Note 10+ has a microSD card slot, but that's it. If you want to future-proof yourself for 5G you're going to have to pay at least £1,099 for the 256GB option, or £1,199 for the 512GB model. That model is basically the same as the 4G 10+, though you do get a slighter bigger battery to compensate for 5G's extra power drain.

Naturally Samsung also has a trade-in programme here, and you can get up to £400 off one of the new phones if you trade in an older eligible device. Details are on the store page.

Note 10 on EE

If you're going for the base model then your 'budget' option for the Note 10 on EE is £55 a month, with £100 up front and 1GB of data. That includes no other perks of any kind, which makes it a bit rubbish. Pay an extra £4 a month, and half the upfront cost to £50 and you get 4GB of data a month. That's a bit more expensive over all (£1,466 over £1,420) but it's not a huge amount for quadruple the data.

Your cheapest option with one swappable benefit is £69 a month with £30 upfront and 10GB of data. That said if you can forgo the benefit you can get that same deal for £5 less each month. That doesn't come with an upgrade anytime option, though, so you will be stuck for two years and that's worth bearing in mind.

The most you're going to pay is £79 a month, with £10 upfront, that gets you 100GB of data and two swappable benefits. Again, though, you can scrap the benefits, keep the data, and pay £5 less a month if you'd prefer. Again that doesn't let you upgrade anytime either.

Note 10+ on EE

Ignoring trade-ins, your cheapest EE plan for the Note 10+ is £60 a month, plus £120 upfront. That comes with a piddly amount of perks, like 1GB of data and zero swappable benefits. Not a great deal, but if you're on a budget and need the bigger screen and battery that's your best deal.

The cheapest to come with a swappable benefit is £74 a month, and £50 upfront, with 10GB of data, though if you ditch the benefit you can get the same amount of data for £5 less.

Your most expensive option is £84 a month, with £30 upfront, and comes with 100GB of data and two swappable benefits. Drop both benefits and you can get that same amount of data for £5 less

Note 10+ 5G on EE

EE is one of the two networks that offers 5G right now, so obviously it's carrying the 5G Note 10+ much like it did the 5G S10 earlier this year. Both storage options are available, and from the looks of things the 512GB plans are a simple £5 a month more than their 256GB equivalent.

EE is being a bit sneaky here, and will happily sell you a Note 10+ 5G on a 4G contract. Don't be fooled by those, simply because they're cheaper. It's totally pointless spending more on a 5G phone if you're not going to get 5G.

Ignoring the trade-in deals and your cheapest option is the £79/£84 a month plan with a £50 upfront fee. That includes 10GB of data and two swappable benefits for you to enjoy, plus the option to upgrade whenever you like. The most expensive is £89/£94 a month, with £30 upfront, and comes with three swappable benefits and 120GB of data, plus the upgrade anytime option.

The only other non-trade in option is £84/£89 a month with £30 upfront, plus 30GB of data and two swappable benefits. So you have to decide whether £15 is worth 90GB of monthly data usage.

Perks of EE

The main perk for EE these days are the swappable benefits you can get. They include the likes of BT Sport, Amazon Prime video, better roaming options, and various data passes to stop you using up all your allowances when you're streaming. Naturally being swappable you can change them on a month by month basis, though if you need more you can always pay for an extra perk out of your own pocket.

Many deals that come with those perks rolled in also give you the option of upgrading anytime. There's a two week grace period after you start the contract, but after that you can call up EE whenever you like and swap to a better phone.


Note 10 on O2

The thing about O2 is that everything is customisable, meaning you can change how much you pay, how long your contract is, and how much data you're going get in the process. There are some stock plans to look at, and we'll mention those here. 

The cheapest for the Note 10 is £44.20 a month on a 36 month contract, with £30 upfront. That only gets you 1GB of data, which is kind of rubbish. It's £48.20 if you up that to 5GB of data, with the same £30 upfront fee and 36 month contract.

Your most expensive deal is £58.20 a month, with £30 upfront, and 100GB of data. Again that's a 36 month contract.

Note 10+ on O2

Your cheapest stock plan for the Note 10+ is £49.31 a month, with £30 up front on a 36 month contract. But that only gets you 1GB a month again. 5GB costs £53.31 a month with the same £30 upfront cost on a 36 month contract.

Your most expensive is the £63.31 a month deal with £30 upfront, and 100GB of data. That's also a 36 month contract.

Note 10+ 5G on O2

O2's 5G network isn't live yet, and that means buying the Note 10+ 5G now means you'll be automatically put onto a 4G plan. You will be able to move to a 5G tariff once the network is live, but for the time being it's not clear what financial cost that may involve. So buy at your own risk.

Your cheapest option (on a 36 month contract) is £49.31 a month and £30 upfront. That's 1GB a month again, which is pointless, especially with 5G coming, so 5GB is £53.31 with the same £30 upfront fee.

For 5G you might want a lot more data, and 100GB of data is going to cost you £63.31 with a £30 upfront fee. Again that's a 36 month contract.

Perks of O2

The main perk of being on O2 is the fact you can choose to customise your plan however you like. Add data, reduce the length of contract, pay more upfront to reduce your monthly cost, and so on. Of course it also comes with Priority Moments, which gives you exclusive deals and lets you buy tickets for certain events ahead of time. It also gets you special treatment at O2-sponsored events, if you know where to look.

Priority got a bit of a revamp recently too, and that means more special perks for O2 members to enjoy. O2 will also give you £100 off if you trade in an old device.

Note 10 on Sky Mobile

No Sky separates the cost of the phone from the cost of your allowances. If you just want the phone you can have it, but the allowances are extra. The Note 10 is £34 a month, and the 1GB plan is an extra £6 for the nice low price of £40. No upfront fees here kids. The 8GB plan is your next best bet if you want a bit more data, because it's currently £10 a month instead of £15.

The priciest plan is 40GB, and costs an extra £25 a month. It's supposed to be £30, but apparently Sky is offering a £5 discount with the phone - which is what many of you will do anyway. So that means it's £59 a month.

Note 10+ on Sky Mobile

The Note 10+ is a £40 a month phone, and like the Note 10 it's an extra £6 to add the bare minimum 1GB of data. 8GB of data is another £10, like the Note 10, and the max you can get is 40GB for £25. That's £30 minus £5 for buying it with a phone once again.

Note 10+ 5G on Sky Mobile

Sky doesn't have 5G yet, and won't do until O2 launches its own network later this year. That's the best case scenario anyway. No word on how you'll end up upgraded to 5G when it's available, but at least with the Note 10+ you'll be able to get it when it's ready.

The Note 10+ 5G is £43 a month, and that's the absolute minimum you'll pay. The cheapest plan is an extra £6, which gets you 6GB of data for a total cost of £49 a month. 4GB is £12, but the 8GB plan is discounted and costs you an extra £10 for a total of £53 a month - which is pretty damn good.

The most data you can get is 40GB, and that costs £30 a month, though buying it with a phone gets you £5 off. So it's really £43 plus £25, which is £68 a month.

Perks on Sky Mobile

Plenty of perks to be had on Sky, but the main one is data piggybank that lets you store unused data to be redeemed again at a later date. That's all done automatically and you have three years  before it expires. Sky Mix will also let you change your data allowances once a month, while Sky TV customers will also get Sky Go Extra at no extra cost.

Note 10+5G on Three

Now the Note 10+ 5G is available on Three, which like o2 doesn't have a live 5G network yet. So you'll be put on a 4G tariff for the time being. But Three has confirmed all its 4G tariffs will have a 5G upgrade on offer, and it won't cost anything. All you'll need to do is ask for it when the time is right.

Your cheapest deal is £63 a month with £29 upfront, and comes with 4GB of data. Add an extra £3 a month on and you get 12GB of data to enjoy.

The cheapest Unlimited data plan is a weird one. The upfront cost is £29, and it's going to cost you £38 a month for the first six months. The final 18 months will cost you £78 a month, though, so bear that in mind. It does mean that it will cost £1,667, which is probably the cheapest offer you'll have for the Note 10+ 5G with this amount of data. The only other Unlimited deal available is £97 a month, and that has no up front fee.

There's no sign of the other two on Three, sadly, but the Note 10+ 5G will be bundled with the Watch Active during a pre-order period. There also seem to be Galaxy Buds bundles available too.

Perks on Three

Three offers a lot of perks, and beyond being one of the few UK networks to offer unlimited data.   There's Go Binge, which lets you use several different services without using up your data allowance - not that it matters if you have unlimited data anyway. Netflix, Deezer, and Snapchat were all mentioned in the press release I was sent, but they're certainly not the only ones included.

Three is also mentioning Go Roam, which lets you use your regular data allowances in a number of countries outside the EU, but most networks offer services like that. I only mention Go Roam because it's related to Three's partnerships with easyJet, that let passengers get a bunch of extra perks when they're travelling out of the UK. Three also wants you to use the Wuntu discount app, which is like O2's Priority Moments, netting you money off offers and free stuff if you happen to be in the right shop at the right time.

Note 10+ on Virgin Mobile

From the looks of things Virgin only sells the Galaxy Note 10+, and not the regular Note 10. It also doesn't offer unlimited minutes on all plans, which is a bit of a shame, but at least the texts are.

The cheapest plan is £57 a month with zero upfront cost, and that comes with 1,000 minutes and 1GB of data. An extra £3 (£60 a month) gets you 3GB of data if you feel you need a bit more than a measly gigabyte.

Now there are no plans with unlimited data if you're not an existing Virgin TV or broadband customer, but there are two that offer 100GB. The cheapest is £61 a month, thanks to a double data offer, though that only comes with 5000 minutes. If you want unlimited minutes you'll need to pay £81 a month.

The unlimited plan is unlimited everything, and that's £83 a month, and as I said you need to be an existing Virgin customer of some kind to qualify.


Note 10 on Vodafone

The regular Note 10 is going to cost you at least £52 a month, with £129 upfront, but that comes with a piddly 1GB of data for you deal with - and that isn't a lot.  £56 a month and £49 upfront gets you 5GB, which is much better, even if it costs you an extra £16 over the course of the two years.

The cheapest unlimited deal costs £64 a month with £29 upfront, but that has a 2Mbps speed limit. a 10Mbps speed limit is £67 a month with £29 upfront, and no speed limit costs £71 a month.

Unlimited with the red entertainment subscription if £72 a month with £29 upfront, which has a 10Mbps speed limit. Meanwhile the unlimited speed option is £77 a month with the same upfront cost

Note 10+ on Vodafone

Grabbing the Note 10+ is going to cost you at least £60 a month with £179 upfront. But that only gets you 1GB of data, which is rubbish. The next one up is 5GB, which costs £64 a month and £99 upfront.

If you want to get unlimited data your cheapest option is £72 q month with £29 upfront, but that comes with a 2Mbps speed limit, which is downright evil. £3 more a month is 10Mbps, but if you want the fastest possible speeds you need to pay £79 a month.

If you want the Red subscription and unlimited data, you need to pay £81 a month (with £29 upfront), though that comes with the 10Mbps speed limit. No limit will cost you £85 a month, with the same £29 ufront.

Note 10+ 5G on Vodafone

Vodafone isn't sneaky like EE, and isn't trying to flog 4G contracts for a 5G phone, and from the looks of things all the Note 10+ 5G deals are 5G ready. In other words once 5G is available in your area you should be able to connect to the networks.

Your cheapest deal here is £64 a month with £99 upfront, and comes with 5GB of data. That said upping your monthly bill to £69 and dropping the upfront fee to £49 gets you 20GB of data. You end up paying an extra £70 overall, but it might be worth it for the extra data.

Vodafone also offers unlimited data now, as it should, and the cheapest option there is £75 a month with £29 upfront. *But*, and it's a big but, the network is limiting your speed to 10Mbps, which is fucking shitty and basically defeats the purpose of 5G. It also limits your roaming destinations to 48 locations, but that's less of an issue.

If you want the fastest available unlimited package for the lowest price (plus an extra 29 roaming destinations) you'll have to pay £79 a month with the same £29 upfront fee.

The most expensive option is £85 a month with £29 upfront, which gets you unlimited data, the fastest speeds, 77 roaming destinations, 100 minutes of EU call time, and a 24 month subscription to Sky Sports mobile, NowTV, Spotify, or Amazon Prime Video.

Perks of Vodafone

Most, if not all of Vodafone's perks are tied up in the deals themselves, but they generally involve the Red Entertainment package that gets you your subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Spotify, or Sky Sports Mobile. Vodafone also offers various levels of global roaming, though how many countries are included are plan dependent.