Amazon's Echo Wall Clock is Now Available in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you think about devices that need Alexa integration, the word "clock" probably doesn't come to mind. Especially since Alexa can do everything a clock does with a simple voice command. But the Echo Wall Clock is a thing, and Amazon has now gone and released it in the UK with a £30 pricetag.

The Echo Wall Clock was announced last September and released in the US later in the year. It's basically a regular clock with LEDs round the rim that are used to track timers and alarms. Which is, erm, useful? I guess some people might want this, if they don't just want to rely on Alexa's internal timer that they can't see.

The only caveat about the Echo Wall Clock is that you need a separate Echo device to get it to work. That's right, there's no Alexa built in, so you're going to want to get your hands on something else if you pick this up. There's always the option of the Alexa app if you don't want another device, since that's free to use.

Oh, and it needs 4AA batteries, rather than using some sort of cable of rechargeable battery,  so make sure to add them to your basket. [Pocket Lint]