American Airport Security Isn't Happy Nerds are Taking Bomb-Shaped Drinks Home from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

By Tom Pritchard on at

Disney has gone to great lengths to ensure that a visit to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland is as immersive as possible, and that includes selling drinks in specialised containers shaped like grenades thermal detonators. And the fact nerds have been taking them home as souvenirs isn't really going down well with the legions of airport security staff in the USA's airports. And yes, it's because the bottles of liquid look like bloody bombs.

Now you wouldn't be able to take the bottles in the cabin, because they're over 100ml in volume. That should be obvious, but according to the @AskTSA Twitter account passengers shouldn't be stuffing them in their suitcases either.

So because the bottles are shaped like real-world grenades, which isn't allowed, you're likely to set off a panic if your bag is screened by the TSA. Obviously checking the thing in person will make it obvious that it's a sealed bottle of soft drink (you'd hope anyway), but X-ray machines don't offer that much detail.

A TSA representative confirmed to USA Today that "replica and inert explosives" in "either carry-on or checked bags" is not allowed. So sucks to be you nerds, no taking home a bag of sealed overpriced coke to list on eBay and sell to people who can't afford a trip to California or Florida.

You might be able to get an empty one on board in your hand luggage, but don't be surprised if airport security confiscate it. [USA Today]