Another Batch of OnePlus 7T Pro Pictures Have Reportedly Leaked

By Shabana Arif on at

More photos have surface online of a smartphone that's allegedly the OnePlus 7T Pro and this time we get a gander at its rear end.

It's not been confirmed whether the company will be releasing a T version of its 7 and 7 Pro models, although it usually follows up with one a few months after the launch of its standard handset. This time around was slightly different, given that OnePlus launched the 7 and 7 Pro at the same time, so the jury was out on whether we'd see a T variant.

Earlier this week, a couple of photos were doing the rounds of a phone tucked away in a case that the poster claimed was the OnePlus 7T Pro, and now more have popped up of the same handset on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Once again, the phone is presented in a case, but it looks pretty similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro, as you'd expect. It has the same speaker grille we saw last time, and on the rear, it's sporting a triple camera with LED flash.

But as with the last leak, the external differences are going to be minimal - it's the guts of the device that will vary, so as with all ultimately pointless leaks, we'll have to wait to see some specs, or for OnePlus to just come out and confirm what its plans are.