Apple Drops iOS 13.1 Beta Before iOS 13 Official Launch Because Sure Why Not

By Sarah Basford on at

Apple iOS 13 is shaping up to be an impressive update. It's set to deliver the world more diverse emoji, fixing the most cooked aspects of FaceTime as well as a much-needed dark mode.

But Apple has committed a real doozy and released iOS 13.1 beta before the original has even been properly released to the public. Here's what we know.

Apple announced the iOS 13.1 beta is now out, which is great, but we haven't yet gotten an official release of iOS 13. It's expected that version will drop the same day as iPhone Day, which is rumoured to be September 10.

Sure, the public iOS 13 beta has been out for awhile, but this still seems like a weird flex.

The changes between the two betas are negligible, according to 9to5Google. It notes Shortcuts Automations and Share ETA, which were removed from the iOS 13 beta are included in the 13.1 version.

Shortcuts Automations allows users to create automations for their Apple phone and home devices while Share ETA offers you the option to share your route with friends in real-time.

Apple's had all sorts of trouble with recent iOS updates. Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 12.4.1, which offered to patch up a vulnerability that the previous version, iOS 12.4, had undone.

Yes, that's right, a security issue, which was remedied in the May update, was unravelled by the following iOS update.

You can expect iOS 13 to be released around mid-September or whenever Apple decides to officially announce what's in store for the iPhone 11 series. It's only two weeks away we're not stressed you're stressed.

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