Apple is Rumoured to Be Launching a Cheap iPad Alongside the iPhone 11 This September

By Shabana Arif on at

Apple has apparently realised that not everyone can afford to fork out for a pricey new iPad at launch, so to ensure it gets your money during its new product launch window, a cheap iPad could be on the way.

The rumour suggests that Apple will launch the more affordable model alongside the iPhone 11 this September, rather than the usual October launch window the iPad usually occupies.

The last time we saw a price drop on iPads was during Prime Day, but they're usually pretty expensive.

However, the source of the leak sounds a bit iffy, so let's not get too excited just yet. Operate on the assumption that you'll still need to take out that second mortgage to buy one, and then you'll be pleasantly surprised if you don't have to go through with it after all.

Either way, the new iPad will be getting a new OS to go along with it, with Apple announcing the iPadOS at its WWDC keynote event in June.

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