Auto Trader "Tests" Car Vending Machine

By Gary Cutlack on at

This, Auto Trader would like us to pretend, is how the cars of the future may be sold: straight out of the container on your debit card, with no pressure sales from a man called Steve or the need to make it look like you understand what a good and perfectly functional engine is supposed to look like.

The glass box has pitched up in London's Spitalfields Market, where someone, if they want to get their photo shared by Auto Trader's social media teams, may purchase a brand new Renault Zoe with a "pre-haggled" price of £16,000. It is a survey awareness raise initiative, because the car trader asked 2,000 people their opinions on haggling as part of the car buying process, and found that nine out of ten people said they are bad at it or find the process "embarrassing and uncomfortable," so either don't bother haggling at all or offer something silly, like £1,999 for a car advertised at £2,000, because they're already emotionally invested at that point and can't face the pressure of potentially walking away without a deal.

41 per cent of people said that feeling obliged to haggle is actually the most stressful element of the entire car buying process, which must be why there's all those bikes around now.