Baked Potatoes Face Eradication From Lunch Menus

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Spudulike chain didn't go out of business in 2001, you may be amazed to hear, although it is about to go out of business today, as the potato franchise joins the long list of high street businesses to throw in the baked beans-stained tea towel and call in the administrators.

The UK is/was home to 37 branches of Spudulike employing around 300 members of staff; workers who were told on Friday that the very same Friday would be their last day of employment and that any outstanding pay due for potatoes served was unlikely to appear. Administrator Leonard Curtis had hoped to sell part or all of the business, but the best offer fell through at the last minute, ending hopes of keeping the chain in one piece and selling it as a going concern. [Guardian]